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Relationships & Couples

Relationships have evolved dramatically since Adam & Eve. Being in the 21st century, relationships face many challenges. These challenges have led to a divorce rate of almost half of the married population. Some issues are inevitable, yet most can be resolved. Feelings of frustration, isolation, loneliness and alienation are common after years of marriage.

We start off our relationship with dreams and expectations of building our life with our soulmate. When issues of conflicting goals, lifestyles and communication skills arise,
we feel our dreams fade and slip away. These issues can lead to feelings of anger, disappointment and often a sense of powerlessness.

Through counseling, we will look at developing strategies on:

  • Improving Communication between Partners
  • The Power of Listening and Feeling Heard
  • Understanding One Other
  • The Art of Negotiating Conflicting Needs
  • The Importance of Romance and Sex
  • Divorce Prevention
  • Fighting Fairly
  • The Art of Collaborating on a Marriage Vision
  • Expressing Needs
  • Developing Clarity & Respect

Develop the skills and strategies necessary for a loving, supportive and respectful relationship!


Your strength and different perspective is an inspiration to me. Thank you for your contribution to my marriage.
Mother - Age 34

Phone: (905) 709-8185 - Email: iris@therapysolutions.ca

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