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When to Seek Counseling?

Life is a journey of learning and growing. Recognizing the need for professional help is the first step towards making changes, moving forward and developing more clarity in what you want and need from life. Counseling is vital in helping you grow and learn more about yourself. It can help you develop a new perspective and a positive approach. At other times it can help you overcome obstacles and address the challenges in your life so that you can fulfill on your dreams and live the life you want.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone who can help…. Have someone to turn to….. someone who understands. At a time when the advice of well meaning friends and family doesn’t help, turning to someone who will listen to you and help you sort out your emotions is a healthy option. When the pain is too great to bear alone, counseling can help you shift and resolve the issues and restore your emotional well-being. Just when life’s roads with twists and turns can feel like it’s derailing you, counseling can help you get perspective, clarity and gives you the guidance you need to embark on the path
to fulfilling the life you want!


“A few years back when our daughter was in Grade 1, there was a lot of tension between mother and daughter. My husband and I wanted to address these communication issues early on as we knew that if they weren't dealt with they would escalate. Then along came Iris. Iris suggested methods that worked at the time and we're still using these methods to this day, 3 years later! Thanks, Iris, for all your help. The teen years are fast approaching so we'll probably be back for some more of your expertise."
Family at Peace

Phone: (905) 709-8185 - Email: iris@therapysolutions.ca
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