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"Working with Iris has literally changed my life. She has provided me with the skills I needed to take a look deep within myself and reflect on the real me. Iris has helped me work through personal issues by providing a different perspective on the situation. She provided me with the courage and strength to challenge my thoughts and ideas. This has enabled me to look at many things from a different angle and really appreciate what is truly important in life. I strongly believe seeing Iris would greatly benefit anyone's life."
Thanks Iris, and take care,
Patricia Teacher/Mother

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK-YOU for all your guidance and support during one of the most difficult times in my life. You’ve provided me with the tools, resources and coping strategies to deal with my anxieties and anxiety attacks. Most of all your expertise and counseling allowed me to go within myself and discover ME.
Through discussions/counseling, exercises, brainstorming strategies/techniques I was able to have an understanding of my anxieties and found the mechanisms to cope. It was a great LEARNING experience and JOURNEY.
With thanks, A.D.

Your strength and different perspective is an inspiration to me.
Mother Age-34

Thank you for all your patience. You made me feel very comfortable when I talked to you. I will continue to use the skills you taught in our sessions. Thanks.
N.S. Age 11

Iris has been a great help in assisting me with, not only my personal issues, but as well as family matters. Her experience and knowledge has made a tremendous effect on how to deal with overcome problems that I was experiencing. Iris shows compassion and warmth. I highly recommend Iris as a psychotherapist.
Sara Mother of 3

Dear Iris,
Thank you so much for the professional and caring manner in which you have helped our daughter to achieve her full potential with little or no stress. We have found that although she is one of the best behaved children we have ever met; as a pre-teen she can not always see the value of her parents' wisdom. Even though she hears virtually the same message from you as you coach her as she would hear from us; she can accept it from you as a third party, and use it to move forward. Your manner has always been non-threatening to us as parents, and of course to our daughter. The results are night and day. We will continue to call on your coaching skills as we need it and as our daughter grows and faces new life challenges that to her seem insurmountable.
Thanks again for all your caring help.
C & S., Thornhill

Our family came to Iris when we needed guidance. Iris was supportive and empathetic with both myself and my children. She kept us focused on our goals and gave us strategies to help us move towards our goals. She has made a great difference in the lives of myself and my children when we needed it the most. I would strongly recommend Iris to anyone who wants to find balance, peace and to learn strategies to live a fulfilled life.
Steven Bellissimo Hair Dresser/Entrepreneur

I have been going to Iris with my son for the pat ten months on the recommendation of my pediatrician. I didn’t know who to turn to when my son was in crisis. Iris has been compassionate, and understanding and most of all supportive in helping us find strategies to deal with our issues. As we continue to work through life’s everyday challenges, I know that with her guidance we will be able to use the skills that she has helped us develop to make each day a better one.
R.R. – Mother of 2

“Iris, you cared, showed understanding and empathy. You wanted the best for our family. Through family meetings, we as a family learned to respect our individual wishes and to be able to make compromises so that we feel that each of us has input on decisions made in our family. You certainly have a lot to give families and individuals with your knowledge, compassion and patience. Thank you.”
Mother of 2

“We have been referring patients over the last few years for years for counseling to Iris, and our patients as well as ourselves have been very satisfied with her service.”
Dr. Berger & Dr. Bukmuz

I would highly recommend Iris as a therapist without hesitation. Her consistency, patience and intelligence are admirable and she is a great role model.”
M. D. Age 36

“I have been bringing in my children to see Iris as issues arise for the last 4 years. She has helped my family develop coping strategies and my children have become confident and secure. Her interventions have helped decrease the conflict in our family and helped us regain harmony and a greater sense of love for one another.”
Mother of 4

“I have been referring patients to Iris Benrubi for several years. Iris takes a keen interest in her clients. She has shown herself to be empathetic, supportive and effective in helping my patients resolve their difficulties. I would strongly recommend Iris Benrubi to anyone looking for help to resolve their issues.”
Dr. M. Greenberg, Pediatrician
“If you have children and your life feels out of control…..call Iris. She helped our family
re-group and she can help yours. She taught us how to manage our stress, and build a stronger foundation.”

“A few years back when our daughter was in Grade 1, there was a lot of tension between mother and daughter. My husband and I wanted to address these communication issues early on as we knew that if they weren't dealt with they would escalate. Then along came Iris. Iris suggested methods that worked at the time and we're still using these methods to this day, 3 years later! Thanks, Iris, for all your help. The teen years are fast approaching so we'll probably be back for some more of your expertise."
Family at Peace

In my experience with Iris, she has made me feel safe and has accepted me the way I am. Iris didn't give me the answers to my challenges but rather gave me the tools to find my own answers. She helped me polish the greatness in myself and for this I am grateful to her. Her knowledge, her support and her care have helped me overcome many obstacles and turn my life around. Most importantly, Iris has taught me and encouraged me to follow my dreams.
Karensa Staddon - Entrepreneur

I have been going to see Iris for coaching. In our sessions, Iris made me fell safe and respected. She listened to me and helped me find solutions to the issues I was dealing with. I am thankful for the knowledge and wisdom she has shared with me. These strategies have given me the tools I needed to move forward in my life.
Thank you AM - age 44

Iris is an excellent parenting coach. She helped our family to move to
the next level. We are a family with one step parent and this can be a
challenging environment for parents and children. We had a lot of power
struggles and conflict. Iris taught the skills to stop the conflict and
start to focus on treating each other with respect. We are not problem
free as a family but Iris taught us the skills to begin to deal with our
problems. Thank you Iris for all of your assistance!
Thank you!
Debbie – Chief Operations Manager

Iris, you cared, showed understanding and empathy with my family. You wanted the best for my daughters and our family and learned that through family meetings we as a family can respect our individually wishes and be able to make compromises so that we feel that each of us has input on decisions made in our family.
I sincerely wish you success and prosperity. You certainly give a lot to families and individuals with your knowledge, compassion and patience.
Mother of two Teens - ages 14 and 13.

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