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What is Counseling

Counseling is a balance of subtle guidance and exploration. It helps you become unstuck and complete with your past. It is a process that will guide you to discover your own strengths and resources.

Through this process, you will become confident and adept at finding the wisdom and solutions that are already within you. Like a flower bud, you will grow, blossom and radiate your own inner wisdom. Your path becomes clear where you can embark on the road to contentment, happiness & satisfying personal relationships.

Attract what you desire, unleash your passion and get the tools to make your dreams come true!

My Approach

I tailor my approach to each client. People have many things in common, yet each person is unique with their own set of skills, past experiences, strengths and dreams. I have a broad range of training and experience in many techniques of counseling. I custom fit my approach to the needs of each client individually.

My experience allows me to put you at ease making the counseling session a safe and non-judgmental environment where you feel comfortable to talk about your issues.

Together, we will develop strategies that will empower and nurture you.


"Working with Iris has literally changed my life. She has provided me with the skills I needed to take a look deep within myself and reflect on the real me. Iris has helped me work through personal issues by providing a different perspective on the situation. She provided me with the courage and strength to challenge my thoughts and ideas. This has enabled me to look at many things from a different angle and really appreciate what is truly important in life. I strongly believe seeing Iris would greatly benefit anyone's life." Thanks Iris, and take care,
Patricia Teacher/Mother

Phone: (905) 709-8185 - Email: iris@therapysolutions.ca

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